Home Loan Products


We have a wide range of mortgage products available for purchases and refinances. Contact your local First Federal Savings Bank Loan Originator to discuss the best option for you.

Here are just a few of the loans we offer: 

Premier First Time Homebuyer Program


The Premier First Time Homebuyer Loan Program is available for the purchase of a single-family, primary residence only. Manufactured housing & construction loans are not eligible. A first time homebuyer is anyone who has not had title to or owned a home in the past three years.


  • Various Fixed and ARM terms available
  • LTV/Credit Score: 90.01 to 95% (with no PMI) on credit scores of 720 or higher
  • LTV/Credit Score: 80.01 to 90% (with no PMI) on credit scores of 700 or higher
  • No Closing Costs options available

Premier 10/1 ARM Loan Program


First Federal Savings Bank offers this program to those borrowers that would like a loan option for their loan transaction that does not carry with it secondary market fees.


  • No secondary market fees to keep closing costs as low as possible
  • Portfolio loans
  • Loan Purpose: Purchase, No Cash Out Refi, Cash Out Refi available, Construction Perm Loans are not allowed
  • Term/Product: ARM only, see Loan Originator for details
  • Program may be used with First Time Homebuyers Program, where First Federal Savings Bank pays for standard closing costs

Lot Loans


This program is designed for borrowers that have found their piece of land to build on in the near future.


  • Maximum LTV 80%
  • Maximum 10 acres, exceptions may be allowed for larger pieces of property.
  • Purchase and No Cash Out Refinance Allowed
  • No buildings/structures can be on site

First Time Homebuyer Program


First Federal pays the standard closing costs for borrowers who purchase a single family primary residence and who have not owned a home in the past three years.


  • You Choose any Home Loan Product That Fits Your Needs
  • First Federal pays all standard closing costs

Home Possible Program


This conventional loan product allows for a minimum of 3% down payment and can be less costly over the life of the loan than FHA programs.


  • 3% Minimum Down Payment (Non Manufactured Home)
  • 5% Minimum Down Payment (Manufactured Home)
  • Program is not credit score driven
  • Borrower(s) Income Must Be At or Below Area Median Income
  • Gifts From Relatives Allowed

Construction Perm Program


One closing transaction for the entire process. After construction is complete, you will simply sign a modification agreement, stating the interest only period is over and the loan will be reset to fully amortized principal and interest payments.


  • Fixed Rate and ARMs Available
  • Up to 10 Month Construction Period
  • Modular Homes are Acceptable
  • No Manufactured Homes
  • Upon Completion of Construction, interest rate will be modified to current market rate not to exceed rate set at closing.

Jumbo Loan Program


This loan is for borrowers that need first mortgage loan amounts above $484,350


  • Fixed Rate and ARMs Available
  • Primary Residence, Secondary Homes, and Construction Perm Loans Only
  • Purchase or Refinance

80/10/10 Loan Program


This loan program is designed to offer an alternative to paying Mortgage Insurance for loans greater than 80% LTV.


  • 80% LTV First Mortgage (Fixed Rate or ARM)
  • 10% second mortgage
  • 5% down payment must come from borrowers own funds
  • Owner Occupied, Primary Residence Only
  • Purchase and No Cash Out Refinances Only


Government Programs


These programs offer the borrower a lower down payment option when less than perfect credit scores is present.


  • FHA – Minimum 3.5% Down Payment, Single Family Primary Residences Only, Purchase and Refinances
  • USDA – 0 Down Payment Option, We can loan up to 100% of the Appraised Value of your new home, 30 Year Fixed Rate, Single Family Primary Residence Only, Purchase Transactions Only


Purchase with Improvement Program


This loan program allows you to purchase your new home and immediately start any necessary renovation without the hassle of closing on another loan.


  • ARM Products Only
  • Renovations must be complete within 4 months of closing
  • Primary and Second Homes Only
  • Maximum LTV 95% (Contingent on MI Approval)

Refinance with Improvements Program


Similar to the Purchase with Improvement program, but this program allows you to remodel, renovate your existing home to better suit your family’s needs.


  • ARM Products Only
  • Renovations must be complete within 4 months of closing
  • Primary and Second Homes Only
  • Maximum LTV 95% (Contingent on MI Approval)

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